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postar was created to make a change, not just to how social marketing works, but to the people who need it.

In a generation of heads down phones on, people are using social media for many different reasons. For a business owner this is frustrating, people are looking but why not at your business, or products, after all you spent so much time on that post and spent £30 boosting it

this leads us to WHY postar?

As business owners we have always grown business through marketing. From leaflets on street corners to huge digital marketing campaigns spanning the country. But then social media exploded, every person has an account and we have the knowledge how to reach the people you want too.


finding us

We can be found in the heart of Belfast at River House, Clockwise Offices, 48-60 High St, Belfast BT1 2BE


what are you waiting for,
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CALL POSTAR NOW ON 02892 449611